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2023 International Student Program Information for East China Normal University

East China Normal University (ECNU) launched the call for admissions for international students at for the fall semester of 2023.


I. Categories and Majors


The University accepts oversea students who meet the requirements of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programmes. In addition to Chinese-taught programmes, some departments offer full English-taught programmes for international students.


II. Scholarships


Eligible international students can apply for Chinese Government Scholarships, Shanghai Government Scholarships, International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarships, New Chinese Studies Program Scholarships (PhD Programmes) and other scholarships to pursue their degrees at the University.

Guide for scholarship application: http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/msg.php?id=1057

Please note that applications for Chinese Government Scholarships will be closed on 1 March.


III. Application and Acceptance Process


Students submit applications >> Pre-qualification at the Global Education Centre >> Academic review by faculty (examination/interview) >> Graduate students will be reviewed by the Graduate School >> Results will be returned to the Global Education Centre >> Submitted to higher authorities for the record >> Admission letters prepared by the Global Education Centre.

* The application and admissions process takes about 3-4 weeks.


IV. Access to Admissions Information


1. East China Normal University Global Education Centre website



2. Programme Descriptions

Undergraduate programmes: http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/msg.php?id=3

Postgraduate programmes: http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/msg.php?id=44


3. Email and telephone enquiries

For further information, please contact the Global Education Centre:

  • Postgraduate Programmes

Ying Yin: [email protected]

Xiaoqian Sun: [email protected]


  • Undergraduate Programmes

Juanmei Zhang: [email protected]

Xinnan Zhu: [email protected]

Jiyi Hao: [email protected]


Tel: 021-62232013/62238353

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