Future Earth Coasts session at ECSA56

Future Earth Coasts session at ECSA56


Future Earth Coasts is hosting a special session at ECSA 56 – Exploring coastal futures in the Anthropocene

4-7 September 2016 in Bremen, Germany.

The Future Earth Coasts special session “Exploring coastal futures in the Anthropocene” will address and explore inter- and transdisciplinary approaches required to gain understanding of these “novel” systems in order to provide the basis for a sustainable management. Scheduled talks are:

Earth observation based mapping of coastal aquaculture ponds in Asian hotspots – An object-based analysis of high spatial resolution Sentinel-1A SAR data.

West African coastal lagoons: Threats from anthropogenic inputs and climate change.

Accumulation and distribution of organic carbon and nitrogen in sediments of the Yellow River estuary and surrounding bays: Influenced by river plume and farmland soils.

Response of phytobenthic communities towards top-down and bottom-up controls in an eutrophied coastal system.

The coastal Arabian Sea as a source of CO2; A carbon isotopic study of dissolved inorganic carbon.

Managing a future with energy farms at sea – exploring governance responses to support marine energy developments.

Preliminary analytical optimization in land use and waste water control: A new perspective of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in carbon emission reduction.

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