Adaptive Capacity Thematic Group for MarSocSci 
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Adaptive Capacity Thematic Group for MarSocSci 


Adaptive Capacity Thematic Group for MarSocSci 

Since August, the Adaptive Capacity group for MarSocSci has been working hard! They are beginning a bibliography of adaptive capacity literature that will be made available to everyone. In early December, they hope to begin a journal club where one can discuss adaptive capacity with guest speakers and begin to network. They have a working set of questions that they hope to discuss within the group. These questions pertain to: what “adaptation” is in different contexts, the intersections of individual and large scale adaptive response, isolating or responding cumulatively to threats, how the scale at which we define adaptive capacity matters, and identifying a shared goal to center our study of adaptive capacity. They welcome your ideas as well and hope to eventually build consensus or develop further questions around these initial thoughts.

They hope you find interest in these subjects and are always happy to welcome new members to the group!

If you are interested in the Adaptive Capacity Thematic Group, please fill out this short survey: