Dr. Avik Kumar Choudhury

Dr. Avik Kumar Choudhury, Assistant Professor of Botany at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College, is experienced in working with phytoplankton, especially chromophytic plankton like diatoms. His area of interest lies in the estimation of hydrological parameters from coastal West Bengal and establishing their relationship with phytoplankton communities at coastal West Bengal at spatial and temporal levels. His academic experience also includes plant systems, especially algae, where he conducts experimental research on biochemical and metabolic aspects of different protist forms like green algae and diatoms. He has published more than 15 papers on phytoplankton ecology from coastal West Bengal, particularly the Bhagirathi Hooghly estuary and the Sundarbans mangrove estuary. He received the DBT Research Associateship award from Government of India in 2012 and undertook phytoplankton-based research in the Sundarbans mangrove ecoregion. As an Assistant Professor, he teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has guided nearly 50 students in their postgraduate dissertations on Phycology. Presently, he is guiding 3 students in their doctoral research along with his undergraduate and postgraduate duties. He continues to work on phytoplankton dynamics of coastal West Bengal, using a remote sensing-based approach along with traditional methodologies to understand the impact of climate change and eutrophication on natural phytoplankton communities at a spatial and temporal scale.