Dr. Xiaoyu Fang

FEC Executive Director - Communication & Engagement

FEC Executive Committee Position: Lead - IPO China, FEC Executive Director - Capacity & Networks

Xiaoyu Fang has over 15 years’ experience conducting environmental studies across different landscapes from glaciers to estuaries and coasts. She is passionate about the nature. Her research expertise includes water-balance modelling, glacial morphology, marine biogeochemistry, ecosystem functioning, species distribution modelling, and ocean observation.  She holds a joint PhD degree in Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation from the University of Plymouth (UK) and the University of Ghent (Belgium). She developed a predictive framework of biodiversity and ecosystem service to gain insight in the response of the estuarine ecosystem functioning to human-induced hydro-morphological and biogeochemical changes. She also has experience in predicting high-mountain lake levels using water balance models.

She is also passionate about science communication and wants to inspire people to connect and value our ocean and to make positive changes towards a more sustainable future. She is experienced in European marine science and science engagement in policy, industry and wider society. She worked for European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) with roles spanning coordination of international projects (e.g., EMODnet PArtnership for China and Europe) to knowledge exchange of oceanography and technical support (e.g., iAtlantic, AtlantECO, MissionAtlantic, H2020 Blue-Cloud). She possesses experience working in various disciplines and sectors including fisheries, ocean management, marine spatial planning, cloud computation and data management.