Dr. Nguyen Huu Nhan

Associate Professor

Dr. Nguyen Huu Nhan is an oceanographer with more 40 years of experience. He had worked in Institute of Coastal and Offshore Engineering of Vietnamese Academy for Water Resources as Vice Director and Head of Department of computer modeling and GIS. Now he is working as Associate Professor of this Academy.

Nhan is focusing his activities in development and application of computational models for studying hydrological, marine and environmental processes in river Delta, estuaries and coastal zone and land-ocean interaction in coastal zone. He also has great interests in studies of Mekong river delalta, specially problems of river damming impacts on this delta and its coasts.

His research interests include coastal and estuarine oceanography, the interaction between marine processes and river delta included: inundating by flood, tide and storm surge; salinity intruding; water polluting; managing water resources; mud and sand transporting, eroding/depositing; oil spilling in river and sea; Sea and river training; land using in coastal zone; waterway and port building; impacting of infrastructural constructions on river and marine environment; impacting of climate change, sea level rise and humanity activities on river delta and coastal zone.

He has more than 65 publications including 50 papers in national journals, 10 papers in international journals and 2 chapters in books: “The environment in Asia Pacific harbours”, Publisher: Springer and “Coasts and Estuaries. The Future”, Publisher: Elsevier . He is main author of some computer specialized software packages included: (1) Integrated model HydroGIS for modeling linked network of river, network of floodplain cells and networks of infrastructural constructions in river delta to study inundation, salinity intrusion, water pollution, water balance, oil spill in river delta on unstructured computational mesh and modern GIS platform; (2) Integrated model OilSAS (Oil Spill Assistant System/Software) for modeling linked marine hydrodynamics, oil spill, environmental impacts by oil pollution and assistance in managing and responding oil spill in coastal zone and GIS tools; (3) Integrated model VINAWAVE (Vietnamese version of Wave model linked with GIS tools) with needed input database for modeling marine Spectral wave in coastal zone and estuaries of south Vietnam.

He is a member of the National Vietnamese Association of fluid mechanics. He was member of SSC of LOICZ/FEC from 2013 to 2018. Now, he is visiting lecturer of state University of Ho Chi Minh City, University of Water Resource of Ha Noi and Vietnamese Academy for water resources. He was senior lecturer of physical faculty in University of Ho Chi Minh City from 1980 to 1993.

Which themes and hotspots of Future Earth Coasts are you addressing with your work?

Themes: Dynamic Coasts, Pathways to Coastal Sustainability

Hotspots: River-Mouth Systems, Deltas and Estuaries