Prof. Dr. Laura T. David

Professor and Director of UPMSI

A former member of IGBP-LOICZ Scientific Steering Committee, Dr. Laura T. David is a Physical Oceanographer and Professor at the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute.

She uses remote sensing and modelling to explore how ocean physics influences the distribution and state of ocean flora & fauna. Her expertise is being tapped regionally to assist in matters related to climate change vulnerability and adaptation.

She is also the co-inventor of Fish-I©, a technology to estimate fish size, population density and biomass and Resilience:Survive & Thrive ©, a table-top board game promoting sustainable development of our coasts.

"I am interested in becoming part of a working group working on sustainability of small island systems."

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Which themes and hotspots of Future Earth Coasts are you addressing with your work?

Themes: Human Development and Coasts, Pathways to Coastal Sustainability

Hotspots: Small islands, Urbanization in coastal zones