Prof. Dr. R. Kerry Turner

Professorial Fellow and Director CSERGE

Dr. Turner has specialized in environmental and ecological economics since the 1970s with a particular interest in coastal and marine issues. He has over 350 publications, many of which (books and articles) focusing on coastal and marine management problems.

He served on the LOICZ Programme for a number of years as a committee member and socio-economic lead. As well as his academic position he has held a number of public sector positions dealing with environmental management, in recognition of which he was awarded a CBE by the UK Government in the year 2000.

More recently he has been Chair of the Broads National Park Authority (until 2009) and Co-Chair of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow on Programme (until 2014).

Dr. Turner’s current research has focused on ecosystem services valuation and natural capital accounting both in coastal/marine and terrestrial contexts, covering issues such as carbon sequestration and storage services in the marine environment, sediments, saltmarshes and mangroves; and coastal recreation and amenity valuation.

For him, environmental policy and management must be supported and enabled by high quality interdisciplinary research reaching collaboratively across the natural and social sciences.

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Which themes and hotspots of Future Earth Coasts are you addressing with your work?

Themes: Human Development and Coasts, Pathways to Coastal Sustainability

Hotspots: Small islands, Urbanization in coastal zones, River-Mouth Systems, Deltas and Estuaries