Prof. Dr. Jiun-Chuan Lin


Research Interests:

  • Slope erosion – Mechanisms of soil erosion and slope erosion in mudstone and conglomerate rock area. Data acquisition systems were developed through research projects.
  • Coastal geomorphological study and hazardous study –¬†Coastal landforms and potential hazardous zoning since 1991 through series of research projects which were sponsored by Ministry of Interior, Environment Protection Agency and Taiwan Provincial Government.
  • Management and Monitoring of sediment yield within small scale watersheds.
  • Environmental, geographical education and sustainable development
  • Land Monitoring
  • Landscape conservation and geopark

"Taiwan can be a hot spot for island studies. Taiwan can also host workshops for SE Asia countries."

Which themes and hotspots of Future Earth Coasts are you addressing with your work?

Themes: Dynamic Coasts, Human Development and Coasts, Pathways to Coastal Sustainability

Hotspots: Small islands, Urbanization in coastal zones