Mr. Saviour Komla Sobia Deikumah

IPO Ghana

Mr. Saviour Komla Sobia Deikumah, is an Administrative and Finance officer with the Centre for Coastal Management, in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, where he performs various Accounting, Budgetary and administrative roles for the Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR) project under the World Bank’s ACE Impact for Development Program. He also works with the research and project teams in the various thematic areas of the Centre including: the ACE Impact Marine Litter Network Project for West Africa(MALNET), the ACE Impact Innovation and Technology Transfer Programme and the Blue Economy and Sustainability Endowment Fund Project for the Centre for Coastal Management. He is a programs officer for the Centre’s National and Regional Professional Short Courses training in Fisheries Management, Climate Change, and Integrated Coastal Zone Management, for Ghana, The Gambia and Liberia.

He also holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, and a Bachelor Laws(LLB) from the University of London, UK as well as well as a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property from Africa University, Zimbabwe. He is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana.

Mr. Saviour Deikumah is hopeful of starting a PhD in Blue Economy, Governance and Social Resilience. His interest areas include the following:

  • Environmental, Social and Governance Policy
  • Integrated Corporate Reporting and Sustainability Accounting and Finance
  • Intellectual Property and sustainable development Goals
  • Ocean Innovation and Technology Transfer in coastal management
  • Blue Economy, Governance and Social Resilience
  • Maritime laws and Regulations of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resources
  • Entrepreneurship development and Technology Transfer in coastal management.
  • Small Island Development and Governance Strategies.