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Effects of Nutrient Enrichment In the Nation’s Estuaries

Bricker, S., B. Longstaff, W. Dennison, A. Jones, K. Boicourt, C. Wicks, and J. Woerner
NOAA Coastal Ocean Program Decision Analysisu00a0Series No. 26. National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Silver Spring, MD. 328pp (2007)

This publication provides a comprehensive assessment update of national US estuarine eutrophication. The report concludes that reducing eutrophic conditions in estuaries requires coordinated and integrated action that balances management action, efficient monitoring to assess the effectiveness of the management, targeted research, and a communication campaign aimed at engaging the broader community. Major recommendations are:

  • Implement more aggressive management actions to reduce nutrients for improvements in eutrophic condition.
  • Capitalize on monitoring technological innovations (e.g., observing systems, remote sensing, web resources) to improve comprehensive assessment of eutrophication status in a coordinated and timely fashion.
  • Focus research on improving assessment capability, resolving uncertainty, and establishing criteria/thresholds.
  • Engage resource managers, researchers, policy makers, and the community with frequent assessment updates at local, regional, and national levels.
  • Develop tools to quantitatively relate the effectiveness of mitigation strategies in response to policy actions.
    The book reflects various aspects of LOICZ related activities such as typology considerations in Chapter 6 and the biogeochemical budgeting and its further development.

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