Future Earth Coasts

Evolution of Environment and Ecosystem in the Bohai Sea and Coast

Luo Yongming et al. (eds)
ISBN: 978-7-03-063592-1
Science Press, Beijing, China
June, 2020

This book covers the latest research progress in the hydrology, chemistry, and biology of the Bohai Sea, including 1) the water exchange flux of the Bohai Strait, 2) the flux of biogenic elements and pollutants from the surrounding rivers to the Bohai Sea, and the deposition flux of atmospheric particulate matter into the Bohai Sea, 3) the isotopic and environmental magnetic methods for the source identification of the inputs in the Bohai Sea from both terrestrial and the open sea, 4) the community structure and the spatio-temporal distribution of microbes, picoplankton and phytoplankton in the Bohai Sea and the strait, and 5) the impacts of the Yellow Sea warm current and the nutrients on the variation of the ecology and environment of the Bohai Sea.

Results from this book will provide basic data and scientific basis for understanding the ecological and environmental evolution, utilization, protection and management of the semi-enclosed shallow sea under the dual influence of high-intensity human activities and the global climate change.

Only available in Chinese.