Future Earth Coasts

The role of the coastal ocean in the disturbed and undisturbed nutrient and carbon cycles – A management perspective

Martin D.A. Le Tissier, Robert Buddemeier, John Parslow, Dennis P. Swaney, Chris J. Crossland, Stephen V. Smith, Hester A.Y. Whyte, William, C. Dennison, Jeremy M. Hills & Hartwig, H. Kremer (Editors)
Published online by LOICZ, Geesthacht, Germany (2006)

This publication is a contribution to the project The Role of the Coastal Ocean in the Disturbed and Undisturbed Nutrient and Carbon Cycles (Project Number GF 1100-99-07), implemented by LOICZ with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme and financing from the Global Environment Facility (GEF).
The publication describes the background and context for the project, illustrates some of the key science outputs and considers the wider management implications of the outcomes of the project.

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