AGU Fall Meeting 2019 | Session by USGCRP and NIU on Global Change Research and National Security
Call for Abstracts | USGCRP @ AGUFall2019

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS | AGU Fall Meeting 2019 | Session by USGCRP and NIU on Global Change Research and National Security


USGCRP and the National Intelligence University are inviting abstracts for an AGU 2019 session examining how global change research helps us understand, assess, and predict the impacts of environmental change on national security – including coastal systems research topics. The session is cross-listed under Global Environmental Change (GC), Natural Hazards (NH), GeoHealth (GH), Atmospheric Sciences (A), and Ocean Sciences (OS).

Read on to find out about the scope of the session:

GC005 –  Advancing Research to Understand, Assess, and Predict the Impacts of Global Change on National Security.

Integrated observations, process research, and modeling of Earth systems advance our ability to understand and predict global change and the coupled natural and human processes that drive it. These processes, acting and interacting across scales, pose direct and indirect risks to national security through their impacts on our food, energy, water, transportation, and other human systems, as well as through transformations of the built and natural environments. Our understanding of these interconnected impacts is poised for major advances thanks to technological developments, improvements in measurement and modeling, and new experimental and analytical techniques. This session welcomes abstracts showcasing the emerging knowledge and research capabilities that can elucidate the connections between global change and security–in particular, research in strategic regions where multiple global change processes overlap (such as the Arctic or coastal regions), and in important thematic areas (such as natural hazards, the food-energy-water nexus, community displacement, or human health).

You can submit abstracts HERE, and find information on registration, logistics, travel support etc. HERE.

The submission deadline is July 31.

Feel free to contact co-conveners
Apurva Dave, PhD – U.S. Global Change Research Program | or
David Blauvelt, PhD – National Intelligence University | with any questions.


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