Future Earth Coasts

FEC Dialogue with Academy Members

The vision of FEC is to support transformation to a sustainable, just and resilient future for society and nature on the coast by facilitating innovative, integrated, collaborative and impactful research and knowledge mobilization. We build on integrated, innovative and impactful expertise that contributes toward respectful sciences from eminent coastal researchers and practitioners.

The FEC Academy is constituted of scientists, practitioners and stakeholders of highest reputation, who act as ambassadors for FEC and take responsibility for the development of research and outputs of Future Earth Coasts. It is an expert network across diverse knowledge-systems and disciplines contributing towards a more respectful custodianship of our coasts.

This interview series ‘FEC Dialogue with Academy Members’ celebrates careers and life accomplishments of FEC Academy Members. They have been generously passing on knowledge and experience to the next generation of young coastal scientists to empower them with not only professional development opportunities but also life advice on ways to succeed despite challenges and difficulties. By featuring these dedicated and remarkable scholars in coastal sciences, we want to inspire young scientists to enter science careers, and recognize role models of successful researchers.


Past interview: FEC Dialogue with Female Scientists: Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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