Future Earth Coasts | Strategy for Research 2018-2028

Future Earth Coasts | Strategy for Research 2018-2028


Supporting transformation to a sustainable and resilient future for society and nature on the coast

This document outlines our strategy to shape the research that will contribute the knowledge base to underpin the recently launched Our Coastal Futures initiative that addresses global challenges to transition to sustainability for the World’s coasts.

The Research Strategy will be implemented through Working Groups that collate and synthesize available science and identify research gaps around 3 Themes of enquiry focused on 4 geographical hotspots of coastal change and vulnerability. The outputs of our Research Strategy will not only contribute towards the Our Coastal Futures initiative, but also international initiatives, such as the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, the Sendai Framework and the Paris Agreement, regional initiatives, such as the Regional Seas Programme (UNEP & others) and LMEs (IOC/UNESCO), and at national or local scales.

If you are interested in joining one of our Working Groups, whatever your discipline, sector and career stage then please get in touch with us at  The Working Groups are focused around the changing state of coasts; impacts of coastal change on economy and society; and identifying options and choices for societal transitions towards sustainability.

The Research Strategy is designed to provide a framework that addresses the:

  • The multiplicity of policy visions at multiple scales and across multiple sectors.
  • The complexity arising from socioeconomic and ecological interactions.
  • Resolve contradictions between short-term targets, mid‐term ambitions andlong‐term visions.

The outcomes of the Future Earth Coasts Research Strategy will:

  • Enable research that addresses key issues of coastal change, in the context of scenarios of future human activity and  environmental change.
  • Promote fundamental research around the themes identified in this plan, as well as synthesising research across scales and disciplines for dissemination to relevant stakeholders at multiple levels.
  • Valorise results to ensure that the scientific outcomes and outputs are credible, salient and legitimate, and can be effectively applied in practice based on co‐design and co-production, where relevant.

Click on the image or here to download a copy of the Future Earth Coasts Research Strategy