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Influences of Global Environmental Assessments on Ocean Sustainability

Influences of Global Environmental Assessments on Ocean Sustainability | SURVEY


Calling on all Ocean and Sustainability advocates!  

As part of a Masters on Applied Coastal and Marine Management Kyle Fawkes has developed an online 5 minute survey. Here below you can find out more and how you can take part.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Global environmental assessments have an important part to play in how we respond to these changes and align societal progress with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of the research I am conducting with University College Cork, Ireland and Future Earth Coasts, I have developed a short survey to investigate the influences that global environmental assessments and in particular the First World Ocean Assessment have had on sustainable ocean development.

If you consider yourself an advocate for the oceans and their sustainability, or if you interact with the oceans on a regular basis, you should take this quick 5-minute survey here and share your opinion on ocean assessments.

Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time during the survey. All results will remain anonymous, with no linkage to your identity in subsequent reports or publications. For further information or questions please contact me at Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Access the survey here

About Kyle FawkesI’m a small town island boy with some big questions about our world’s oceans. After growing up on the west coast of Canada, I am now pursuing an MSc. In Applied Coastal and Marine Management at University College Cork, Ireland. My dissertation research for this program focuses on global environmental assessments of the ocean while my broader research interests include coastal climate change adaptation, sustainable development of the oceans and global environmental change. LinkedIn Profile 


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