Happy International Women's Day!

Celebrating inspiring female leaders in ocean conservation

Happy International Women’s Day!

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Happy International Women’s Day from the Future Earth Coasts team! On this year’s international women’s day we would like to share this collection of compelling interviews with leading women in ocean conservation, reflecting the women who inspired them and those who fight every day to protect the health of the ocean.

Find the interviews from Our Shared Seas here.

We would also like to highlight the 33rd issue of the Pacific Community’s Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin, published earlier this month. This publication includes 12 original articles from Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Nigeria and Mauritius shedding light on equity and equality issues. This issue also presents inspiring profiles on Human Rights Advisor Josephine Kalsuak and Senita Wauwia, a champion for local women and fisheries in Papua New Guinea.

Find all the articles here.