Island Bright Spot Series

Showcasing successful solutions for resilience and sustainability in islands around the world

Island Bright Spot Series

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Global Island Partnership recently kicked off their Island Bright Spot Series, a special virtual event held in the margins of the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15). This event series showcases successful solutions for resilience and sustainability resulting from community partnership, in islands around the world.

Episode 1: Spotlight on Biodiversity Action

Re-watch the presentations on real-time grassroots biodiversity conservation efforts currently being sustained in Seychelles, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Palau:

1. Safeguarding the Seychelles Biodiversity  – Dr. Elvina Henriette

2. Rehabilitating coastal fishing grounds in Pilar  Susan Cataylo

3. Reforestation of the Puerto Mosquito Mangrove  – Lirio Márquez-D’Acunti

4. Restoring Jellyfish Lake, Palau  – Kiblas Soaladaob

Catch the full webinar recording here including the insightful panel discussion featuring Yoko Watanabe (GEF – Small Grants Programme), Sai Navoti (SIDS Unit, UNDESA) and Willy Kostka (Micronesia Conservation Trust).

Episode 1 of the Island Bright Spot Series was made possible through the kind support of the UNDP GEF – Small Grants Programme, The Convention on Biodiversity, Rare, the Climate Strong Island Network and the UNDESA SIDS Unit.

Look out for Episode 2: Spotlight on Nature-Based Climate Adaptation Solutions on November 6th, a special hybrid COP26 Side Event! Stay tuned!