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Future Earth Coasts is first and foremost a community.

We are committed to building a network to connect global knowledge covering all aspects of coastal zones of the World to intensify the impact of research and find new ways to accelerate sustainable development. We promote the active collaboration between nations, disciplines, programmes, researchers and stakeholders to ensure knowledge is generated in partnership with society and users of science.

We partner with individuals, programmes, projects and organisations to contribute to our vision and research priorities and goals for engagement and capacity building.

There are several ways how to get involved with Future Earth Coasts:

SOCIAL MEDIA – Follow us on social media to get updates from us and our wider community.
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NEWSLETTER – One easy way is to subscribe to our newsletter to get news from our community. In our newsletter ‘Coast Posts’ we tell you about events that Future Earth Coasts is attending, supporting or hosting, inform you about organizational updates, share news from our partners and provide you with news & research relevant to our mission. Click here and complete the form below if you want to stay up to date. Click here to find former issues. We also have a bilingual newsletter in Mandarin/English, published by our IPO China. Click here to subscribe and click here to find former issues.

BECOME A FEC MEMBER – Researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders who wish to join Future Earth Coasts and receive regular news, updates and information from our community are welcome to become a FEC Member.
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AFFILIATE YOUR ACTIVITY – Future Earth Coasts depends upon an active and engaged community of interest and practice. Researchers, activists, practitioners, project representatives and individuals engaged in relevant activities are encouraged to approach Future Earth Coasts for affiliation.
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BECOME A FEC FELLOW – In order to continuously broaden our network, we welcome scientists, practitioners and other stakeholders from all career levels who seek to link their own research and/or activities with Future Earth Coasts and actively contribute to advancing FEC’s agenda and objectives, by leading relevant activities, generating visibility for FEC and broadening our community, and lending their skills and expertise to FEC as needed. Find out more and how to apply here.

BECOME A REGIONAL ENGAGEMENT PARTNER – Our Regional Engagement Partners act as ‘local’ offices to coordinate and promote coastal global change research at the regional and local level, and act as a ‘home’ to regional and local coastal research and practice communities.
Find out more about them and their current work here.

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