June 2021 | International workshop on intermittent estuaries in a changing climate

The University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne (Australia), CSIR (S. Africa) and S. Ca. Coastal Water Research Project (USA) are excited to announce the upcoming ‘Inaugural international workshop on intermittent estuaries in a changing climate’.

This 100% online workshop is free to attend and open to everyone interested. It will feature exciting presentations from over 20 of the leading experts on intermittent estuaries, coastal inlets and lagoons as well as the management thereof.

The workshop will be delivered via sessions corresponding to five themes: Part 1: Key drivers of land-sea connectivity and conceptual/numerical models of inlet behaviour. Part 2: Innovative change detection methods of inlet behaviour – satellite imagery, drones, and stationary systems. Part 3: Physical responses of intermittently open/closed estuaries to a changing climate. Part 4: Biological responses of intermittently open/closed estuaries to a changing climate. Part 5: Policy frameworks, public datasets, and novel management approaches.

One of the key goals for this workshop is to establish the current state of the science around intermittently open/closed estuaries and coastal inlets and to summarize this in the form of a peer-reviewed position paper. This position paper will include the results of an expert survey run as part of the workshop. Interest in participation can be expressed during the registration process.

All those interested in attending are encouraged to register for the event here. A detailed programme will be sent to all registered participants before the event. The exact session times can be downloaded for your calendar here.

The co-organising team are looking forward to meeting many of you during the workshop.

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