Lagoons 4 Life | September 2017 | Cork, Ireland

Lagoons 4 life | September 2017 | Cork, Ireland


Lagoons 4 life

Understanding the effect of environmental and climate change on coastal lagoon management; Potential and challenges for Earth Observation | 12-14th September 2017 | Cork, Ireland by Eirini Politi

Lagoons are dynamic systems highly sensitive to environmental and climate change, but our understanding of how lagoons respond to change globally is limited. Data and knowledge gaps exist to better understanding the socio-environmental implications of future development within lagoon ecosystems in the context of global change. Earth Observation (EO) provides information and data across wide spatial and temporal scales, but it is still unclear how useful this can be to lagoon management.

17 international experts gathered in MaREI and agreed on a roadmap towards realising the full potential of EO for the management and sustainable use of lagoon ecosystems. This 3-day workshop, funded jointly by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Future Earth, aimed to establish an international collaborative Lagoons Forum to address the suitability of current and future EO missions, data and products for lagoon monitoring and management.

The workshop report is being prepared and will be published online in October 2017.

Future Earth Coasts co-hosted and co-chaired the workshop, along with the MaREI-based EO and GIS Applications Group. A new scientific hub was established (Lagoons Forum) and concrete actions were set for the intermediate future, including the development of an open access Lagoon’s Database to enable future studies of lagoon ecosystems. A dedicated website is currently under construction and is expected to be launched this year. Watch this (from) space!

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