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Lagoons for life is now online – join the forum and explore the resources available on the website

As an outcome of the coastal lagoons workshop held in September at MaREI looking at: Understanding the effect of environmental and climate change on coastal lagoon management: potential and challenges for Earth Observation a dedicated website has now been stablished This web resource isn’t just a place with useful documents & data sets on lagoons but also a forum to share ideas and exchange knowledge on coastal lagoon research and create opportunities for collaboration.

Check out the website and browse through the available resources and if you have any information on projects, products or other resources you think will be of interest to the coastal lagoon community please contact the coastal lagoon forum.

Check out who is already part of the forum & sign up and you will also be included in the mailing list so you receive updates, news and information on upcoming lagoon related events. Use the #LagoonsForLife & #L4L hashtags in social media and stay up to date on the developments.

About the workshop: 17 international experts gathered in MaREI and agreed on a roadmap towards realising the full potential of EO for the management and sustainable use of lagoon ecosystems. This 3-day workshop, funded jointly by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Future Earth, aimed to establish an international collaborative Lagoons Forum to address the suitability of current and future EO missions, data and products for lagoon monitoring and management.Read more about the workshop here.

The workshop report is available here.

Future Earth Coasts co-hosted and co-chaired the workshop, along with the MaREI-based EO and GIS Applications Group. For more information please contact Dr Eirini Politi [] or Dr Martin Le Tissier []

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