Partner Institutions

Mega Delta Working Group

National Institute for Research and Development of Marine Geology and Geoecology (GeoEcoMar), Romania

The National Research-Development Institute for Marine Geology and Geoecology – GeoEcoMar is the national pole of excellence in geological, geophysical and geoecological research and advice on marine, coastal and inland waters, being a reference center for the study of Marine and Earth Sciences.

GeoEcoMar pursues the scientific performance that materializes through scientific results of excellence. These results, lead to the private fundraising for research, to the expansion of international cooperation and increasing the role of science in society. The addressed scientific fields include geological, geophysical and geoecological aspects of the river-sea systems in general and of the Danube-Danube Delta-Black Sea macrosystem in particular.

Aiming to address issues of interest related to scientific research in Earth and Life Sciences and the application of its results, GeoEcoMar is open to opportunities for collaboration and partnership with a wide range of interested organizations – research institutes, universities, local and regional administrations, NGOs.

  • 23-25 Dimotrie Oncoul St., RO-024053
  • +40-21-2523039