Moving on: Recent developments at Future Earth Coasts

Moving on: Recent developments at Future Earth Coasts

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Moving on:

Recent developments at Future Earth Coasts

Blog post by IPO Germany

A lot has happened in 2019: Future Earth Coasts announced a new hosting arrangement for its International Project Office (IPO) following 4 successful years of being hosted by the MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy, Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork.

Distributed IPO

Since January 2019 the IPO operates in a distributed structure, with the central IPO being hosted at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), Germany, and additional branches located in the USA, Australia and China. We also have Regional Engagement Partners (REP) located in the United States (Louisiana); Latin and South America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago), Canada (Newfoundland, covering the Arctic region), Europe (Algarve, Portugal), East Asia (Yantai, China), and South East Asia (Taiwan). Read more about our REPs here.

With the handover from MaREI to ZMT, our Scientific Steering Committee was formally renamed and restructured into an Executive Committee, constituted of two Co-chairs, a Vice-Chair, and representatives of every IPO branch. In the future, the Executive Committee will be expanded to include a representative of the REPs as well as the new Advisory Board and FEC Academy (see below). Get to know the members of our Executive Committee here.

To broaden our community even further we formally launched the Future Earth Coasts Academy in September with around 30 initial members, all of them alumni of FEC/LOICZ who served as members or chairs of the Scientific Steering Committee or worked for the IPO before. The FEC Academy is comprised of distinguished scientists and stakeholders, who will serve as FEC ambassadors and be responsible for FEC research development and outputs. Membership of the FEC Academy will be expanded over the coming years and is by invitation only. Find out more about the current members here.

If you are a young researcher, practitioner or other coastal stakeholder and are interested in joining FEC, you can apply to become a FEC Fellow. Find out more about the benefits here.

Another way to join the FEC Community is by affiliating yourself, your project or activity to us. We partner with individuals, programs, projects and organizations to contribute to our vision and research priorities and goals for engagement and capacity building. If you want to find out more about this, head over to Affiliated Activities.

We look forward to expanding our community and contribute to the challenge of coastal sustainability in the time ahead!