FEC Academy – Prof Dr Alice Newton

Prof. Dr. Alice Newton

Current position: 

Professor, DCTMA – Department of Earth, Environmental and Marine Sciences
Affiliation: CIMA-Centre for Marine and Environmental Research,
University of Algarve |
Faro, Portugal

Dr. Newton is a chemical oceanographer focusing on the assessment of eutrophication in coastal lagoons and coastal social-ecological systems. She has more than 30 years of experience in coordinating several international and national research programmes across scientific disciplines such as Land-Oceans Interactions in the Coastal Zone (LOICZ), a forerunner of Future Earth Coasts.

Dr. Newton advises various national, international and multinational governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as research funding agencies, on aspects of science-policy implementation, (e.g. the Water Framework Directive, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Regional Seas Commissions and the UN 2nd World Ocean Assessment).

I am particularly interested in international capacity building of early career researchers and the development of interdisciplinary higher education programmes (post-graduate,Master and PhD).

I am also very interested strengthening cross-linkages between Future Earth Coasts, Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR) and  Future Earth Ocean Knowledge Action Networks (Ocean KAN).

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