FEC Academy – Dr Donald L. Forbes

Dr. Donald L. Forbes

Current position: Research Scientist Emeritus

Geological Survey of Canada, Bedford Inst. of Oceanography | Canada

Past Vice Chair of Future Earth Coasts. Over a career in marine geoscience my focus gradually shifted to coastal hazard reduction and sustainability in coastal communities. This began in the 1990s on secondment in the South Pacific, where I initiated policy-driven work on climate threats to low-lying atoll nations such as Kiribati. An IPCC lead author, I was co-PI on the bid to establish ArcticNet (2004-present), led the circumpolar State of the Arctic Coast report (2011), and spearheaded efforts to promote transdisciplinary co-designed and co-produced adaption in Arctic coastal communities.

I hope to continue supporting the development of a knowledge network promoting sustainable practices and adaptive capacity in coastal communities globally.”

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X   Dynamic Coasts

☐  Human Development and Coasts

X   Pathways to Coastal Sustainability

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X    Small islands

☐   Urbanization in coastal zones

X    Arctic Coasts

X    River-Mouth Systems, Deltas and Estuaries