FEC Academy – Prof Jiun-Chuan Lin

Prof. Jiun-Chuan Lin 

Current position:  


Department of Geography, National Taiwan University | Taipei, Taiwan

1987-1991 PhD Department of Geography, King’s College London
1997 – Professor, Department of Geography, NTU
2010/6-2013/2  Vice Dean, General Affairs, National Taiwan University
2014/1-2017/7 Director, Global Change Research Center


(1) Slope erosion
Mechanisms of soil erosion and slope erosion in mudstone and conglomerate rock area. Data acquisition systems were developed through research projects.

(2) Coastal geomorphological study and hazardous study
Coastal landforms and potential hazardous zoning since 1991 through series of research projects which were sponsored by Ministry of Interior, Environment Protection Agency and Taiwan Provincial Government.

(3) Management and Monitoring of sediment yield within small scale watersheds.

(4) Environmental, geographical education and sustainable development

(5) Land Monitoring

(6) Landscape conservation and geopark

Taiwan can be a hot spot for island studies. Taiwan can also host workshops for SE Asia countries.

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