FEC Academy – Prof Dr Weiguo Zhang

Prof. Dr. Weiguo Zhang

Current position:  


State Key Laboratory of Estuarine & Coastal Research,
East China Normal University
| China

Weiguo Zhang’s research interest includes the human-nature interaction in the coastal zone, in the context of better understanding of the complexity of dynamic delta-estuary system and providing support for sustainable coastal development. His recent work includes delta-estuarine and continental shelf environmental evolution, sediment source to sink tracing, coastal pollution and ecosystem service in relation to social development. His research skills rely on the science-based observation and interdisciplinary research tools, including sedimentological, environmental magnetic, geochemical methods and social science based approaches.

I’d be interested in contributing to a working group on delta sustainability.”

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X    Dynamic Coasts

X   Human Development and Coasts

X   Pathways to Coastal Sustainability

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☐  Urbanization in coastal zones

☐   Arctic Coasts

X   River-Mouth Systems, Deltas and Estuaries