FEC Academy – Prof Dr Val Cummins

Prof. Dr. Val Cummins

Current position: Company Director
Simply Blue Group

Dr Cummins joined Simply Blue as an executive director in 2021 as Ireland Projects and Operations Director. Simply Blue is a blue economy developer, with a focus on floating wind, wave and low impact aquaculture. Val’s move to industry was inspired by a desire to have an impact on the energy transition and to lead blue growth initiatives in a company that is dedicated to Sustainable Development Goals for the oceans and seas. This followed 21 years as a researcher and academic in University College Cork, where she developed a track record in the field coastal and ocean governance, and was awarded for her leadership in building research capacity in marine science.  A career highlight has been to serve as co-chair of Future Earth Coasts from 2016 to 2020, facilitating the development of a community of scientists and practitioners from around the globe with a vision to support transformation to a sustainable and resilient future for society and nature on the coast.

Which of the three themes and four hotspots of Future Earth Coasts are you addressing with your work?


☐  Dynamic Coasts

X   Human Development and Coasts

X   Pathways to Coastal Sustainability

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X   Small islands

X   Urbanization in coastal zones

☐   Arctic Coasts

X    River-Mouth Systems, Deltas and Estuaries