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Coastal vulnerability and freshwater security brochure from the first ever Belmont Forum Synthesis Workshop

Future Earth Coasts and the Integration and Application Network released a synthesis of Belmont Forum projects addressing Coastal Vulnerability and Freshwater Security. The 8-page brochure details effective methods for co-designing and co-implementing science projects with a breadth of stakeholders to move beyond established knowledge. Check it out here and a link to the document has just been posted on the Belmont Forum webpage.

The synthesis is a result of the valorization workshop facilitated by Future Earth Coasts and Integration and Application Network in December in San Francisco, California. More on this workshop can be found here. Lessons learned within the document provide, both those new and familiar with the Belmont Forum,  a compelling view of the research advances and stakeholder engagement supported by the Forum.

Also check out this blog posts on the Intergration and Application Network website on the co-development of and workshop preceding this synthesis brochure by Vanessa Vargas (Graduate Assistant with the Integration and Application Network and a PhD student under the Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences Graduate Program of the University of Maryland).

The co-development of this Synthesis document, I would say, occurred in three phases – before the workshop, during the workshop, and after the workshop. This is reflected in the evolution of the Synthesis document from a 4 pager storyboard, to a trifold draft, and then to an 8 page final document….Read more.

This publication is also downloadable here from IAN Press here.

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