OPI Conference | 10-13 May 2020 | VLIZ, Ostend/Belgium

OPI Conference | 10-13 May 2020 | VLIZ, Ostend/Belgium


OPI Conference | 10-13 May 2020 | VLIZ, Ostend/Belgium

“Historical perspectives on marine ecosystems, fisheries, and futures”

The 8th Oceans Past Conference, Historical Perspectives on Marine Ecosystems, Fisheries, and Futures, will enable continued scholarly communication and international exchange towards a fuller understanding of the past, the present status, and potential trajectories of our living marine resources.

The conference welcomes researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and students of all disciplines under the unifying view of our oceans as networks of social-ecological or coupled human-nature systems. Presentations are encouraged that explore large-scale and long-term case studies highlighting dynamic changes and interactions in past marine ecosystems, the impacts and legacy effects of human activities on them, the sustainability of iterative or co-evolutionary relationships and, where possible, likely future directions and management implications. If you have an interest in the history of human interactions with life in the ocean and implications for policy and management, sign up now to attend OPI VIII in 2020!

Deadline for paper submission: 15 DECEMBER 2019

Find out more about the conference, how to register and submit abstracts here.