Organizational structure

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Future Earth Coasts is the decision-making group of the programme. The committee’s role is to define, develop and prioritize plans for Future Earth Coasts. Furthermore it ensures that the activities of Future Earth Coasts contribute to the agenda of Future Earth and other relevant networks and programs. Find a list of the current members of the Executive Committee here.

International Project Office

The International Project Office is the focal point for management and administration, communication and network development. It serves as the secretariat or Future Earth Coasts and administers the project on a day-to-day basis. It is responsible for assisting the Executive Committee in all aspects of its work and liaising with key stakeholders at regional, national and local levels. Find out more about the IPO and the current staff list here.

Regional Engagement Partners

Our Regional Engagement Partners act as ‘local’ offices to coordinate and promote coastal global change research at the regional and local level, and act as a ‘home’ to regional and local coastal research and practice communities. Find out more about them and their current work here.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Future Earth Coasts provides advice to, endorses, and provides oversight of the Future Earth Coasts Program. Its role is to ensure the societal and academic relevance of Future Earth Coasts activities by providing advice and feedback on the program’s delivery. The Advisory Board consists of  experts and advocates from disciplines and fields relevant to the progression of Future Earth Coasts’ objectives.

(The Advisory Board is currently being populated.)

FEC Academy

The Future Earth Academy is a new core body of our organisation. Come back for updates in the near future.

The Future Earth Coasts Academy is a core body of distinguished and eminent scientists, researchers, practitioners and stakeholders with a shared interest in the sustainable development of the world’s coasts. Members of the FEC Academy may formally nominate new candidates. Nominations are reviewed and endorsed by the Advisory Board. Endorsed candidates are appointed by the Executive Committee. The process is facilitated by the IPO.

(The FEC Academy is currently being populated.)
Find a list of current FEC Academy members here.

FEC Fellows

We are currently in the process of facilitating a Fellow program. Come back for updates in the near future.

Researchers and stakeholders, who wish to link their own activities or research with Future Earth Coasts are welcome to become a FEC Fellow. The Fellows are approved by the Executive Committee.

(Due to internal restructuring we are just starting our FEC Fellow program. We will post news once we have everything in place.)
Find out more on how to become a FEC Fellow and current fellows here.