Our Work

Our vision is to support transformation to a sustainable and resilient future for society and nature on the coast by facilitating innovative, integrated, collaborative and impactful research and knowledge mobilization.

A Community

Future Earth Coasts is first and foremost a ‘community’ of organisations, scientists and practitioners from all disciplines of science, engineering, the humanities and law whose work addresses Global Environmental Change, contributes to achieving the SDGs and social learning.

We therefore provide a platform for networking, delivering ‘added value’ to the outputs of our community to explore and understand the drivers and social-environmental impacts of global environmental change in coastal zones.

A Platform

We are building a global platform for international scientific collaboration that:

  • Strengthens global partnerships between researchers, funders and users of research
  • Enables integrated research on grand challenges and transformations to sustainability
  • Communicates science to society and society to science

Our Challenges

We are a core project of Future Earth. Our work, in partnership with other Future Earth Core Projects, is structured to support the delivery of science-derived solutions that address global environmental and societal challenges, and designed to broaden global change science to promote a transition to sustainability.

The challenges of achieving sustainable development are complex and interrelated questions centred on how to balance:

Equity | Justice | Resilience | Economic opportunity | Infrastructure development | Ecological management | and more

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