Sustainable Development in South-East Asia workshop

Sustainable Development in South-East Asia workshop


Sustainable Development in the South-East Asia workshop – November 14-22, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan

DSC01068The Global Change Research Center (GCRC) of National Taiwan University, hosts an international training program for environmental issues.

This program aims on helping the delegates to build up their capacity on understanding recently environmental issue, such as water resource, pollution and global climate changing. After this program, we hope that the delegates can have new vision after taking this program, and have some good ways to find solution on their own environmental or resource issues.

The schedule of this international training program will be in 7 days. In the day 1, 2, 4, and 5, all delegates will take lectures and shearing experiences. After the indoor courses, GCRC will lead delegates to field excursion for 3 days in western Taiwan to reach in site where the environmental issues taken place. The delegates will come from at last 8 foreign countries, which will be recommended by government official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Council of Agriculture, and Environmental Protection Agency.