Workshop for Sustainable Development Goals| 26-30 April 2018 | Taipei & Matsu Islands, Taiwan

Workshop for Sustainable Development Goals | 26-30 April 2018 | Taipei & Matsu Islands, Taiwan


Workshop for Sustainable Development Goals | 26-30 April 2018 | Taipei & Matsu Islands

The Global Change Research Center (GCRC) at the National Taiwan University will host an international workshop for sustainable environment. The themes of this workshop will focus on coastal issues. As these workshop themes will be hinged on both local phenomena/experience and global implication, this workshop is part of the Future Earth Coasts Project and the Commission of Geomorphology & Society of International Geographical Union (IGU).

This workshop will include 4-day lectures and field excursion to Matsu geopark of Taiwan. The combination of the lectures and field excursion will demonstrate important issues and research results related to sustainable environment and how they would be associated with sustainable development in the global era. Keep an eye out for more information on the outcomes of this workshop.

Martin Le Tissier giving a public lecture on Coastal management and the sustainable development goals as part of the workshop for sustainable development goals in south east Asia. The lecture was held at the Nangan Island Tourist Centre, Taiwan and was focused on management of landscape and identifying opportunities for sustainable development.

In the mean time: Last year Future Earth Coasts took part in The Sustainable Development Workshop of South-East Asia (SDWSEA) held in Taipei, Taiwan from May 13-17 2017. Hosted by The Global Change Research Center (GCRC) of National Taiwan University (NTU), this workshop connected practitioners, academics, a finance and budgets officer, students, managers, researchers, and public citizens. With participants from Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany, and Ireland, the workshop focused on knowledge exchange around the Sustainable Development Goals in an immersive setting. Read more about this workshop here.