Welcome to our International Project Office, Sharon Stacy and Kai Schulz!

Welcome to our International Project Office, Sharon Stacy and Kai Schulz! 


We are very happy to welcome two new members in our International Project Office: Sharon Stacy (IPO USA at Virginia Tech) and Kai Schulz (IPO Australia at Southern Cross University). 

Sharon has a background in project management, graphic design and community development; she works as project coordinator for the Virginia Tech Center for Coastal Studies and the Disaster Resilience and Risk Management Graduate Education Program. Part of her work includes working with faculty to plan and coordinate activities to help graduate students develop essential interdisciplinary skills while expanding their knowledge of disaster resilience and risk management. Sharon’s proficiency in community development will enable more effective communication about hazards, adaptation and resilience to stakeholders in coastal areas.

Kai Schulz, IPO Australia

Kai is a biological oceanographer interested in climate change effects (ocean acidification, temperature and nutrient changes) on biogeochemical element cycling in planktonic ecosystems and changes to community composition. More recently, Kai incorporates experimental, as well as local and global observational datasets with conceptual and statistical modelling to help evaluate the benefits and risks of potential climate change mitigation methods. He works together with Anja Scheffers at SCU in Australia.

We look forward to working with Kai and Sharon over the coming years, knowing they will bring a diverse range of expertise and innovative thinking to our global community. Their contributions will continue to help Future Earth Coasts shape a resilient future for our social-ecological coastal systems.

Read more about them here: Sharon Stacy | Kai Schulz