Ocean Acidification Africa

Ocean Acidification Africa is a pan-African network specifically convened to coordinate and promote ocean acidification (OA) awareness and research in Africa.

Marine Social Science Network

The Marine Social Science Network is a global, interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners interested and working in the diverse fields relating to marine social sciences and understanding the complex relationship between society and the sea.


The Permafrost Coastal Systems Network (PerCS-Net) will fill fundamental knowledge gaps associated with transforming permafrost coasts in the Arctic by linking over ten existing national and international networks. This international network of networks will develop protocols for quantifying and synthesizing information on the impacts occurring in coastal permafrost systems and promote synergy across networks to foster the next generation of researchers charged with identifying potential solutions to a rapidly changing Arctic System.


CACCON, the Circum-Arctic Coastal Communities Knowledge Network is a pan-Arctic network of communities and knowledge hubs sharing knowledge and processes that lead to transformative pathways to realize ideal futures.