International Project Office

The International Project Office (IPO) serves as the secretariat for Future Earth Coasts (FEC) and administers the project on a day-to-day basis. The IPO is responsible for assisting the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) in all aspects of its work and liaising with key stakeholders at regional, national and local levels. The office collates and communicates information related to national and international FEC research, as well as serving as a channel of communication on coastal aspects of global environmental change.

world-mapThe IPO operates a distributed structure to ensure broader geographical representation and global diversity in the running of Future Earth Coasts. The central IPO office is located at MaREI, University College Cork and we have Regional Engagement Partners (REP) located in the United States (Loiusiana); Latin and South America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago), Canada (Newfoundland and covering the Arctic region), Europe (Algarve, Portugal), West Africa (Lagos, Nigeria), East Asia (Yantai, China), South East Asia (Taiwan).

Who’s who in the IPO

Martin Le Tissier2

Martin Le Tissier

International Project Office

Martin leads the IPO in Cork, Ireland. He has world-wide experience in coastal management, marine spatial planning, adaptation to climate change, training and capacity-building and coral reef assessment, monitoring and restoration.
His work has a strong focus on education and professional training with institutional development for strategic responses to adaptation to climate change, coastal development and management, as well as developing and implementing participatory approaches to developing coastal resources and livelihoods.

Jeremy Gault

International Project Office

Jeremy is Co-ordinator of Coastal and Marine Management for the new national MaREI Centre and Operations Manager of the Beaufort Building that hosts the IPO. His research interests centre on coastal geomorphology, the analysis of governance responses to ecosystem change and assessing current and future coastal vulnerability to climate change and State of coasts in Europe. He has experience in the management of National and International projects and is a member of the Royal Irish Academy Future Earth committee.

Shona Paterson

International Project Office

Shona has extensive experience in the Caribbean, the Americas, and the UK with a research focus on coastal resource management, climate adaptation and adaptive capacity in urbanizing coastal areas, governance and social justice, and partnership building. She has spent her working career building partnerships and networks with local communities, environmental and governmental organizations, and businesses to achieve mutually beneficial social and ecological goals.

Hester Whyte

International Project Office

Hester has global experience in science communication as well as office and project management with a coastal and marine focus. She worked on several coastal management and climate change projects designing and developing education and information materials for different audiences ranging from higher education to coastal policy makers. She is also involved in a number of projects run through the IPO’s hosting institute MaREI with a Marine Renewable Energy, Multi-use of Ocean Space and Climate Change Adaptation remit.

Our host institution:

Future Earth Coasts is hosted by the Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy (MaREI) coordinated by the Environmental Research Institute at University College Cork, Ireland with researcher groups located across 6 academic institutions across Ireland working with 45 industry partners.

MaREI is a marine and renewable energy based research, development and innovation hub supported by Science Foundation Ireland. The Centre combines the expertise of a wide range of research groups and industry partners, with the shared mission of solving the main scientific, technical and socio-economic challenges across the marine and renewable energy spaces. Stakeholder engagement is a key aspect of MaREI research.

As well as working closely with industry, MaREI researchers also engage with policy makers, legislators, NGOs and community groups in the co-production and dissemination of knowledge for the ultimate benefit of society.

The International Project Office of Future Earth Coasts is grateful for the financial support provided by KOSMOS Energy.    KOSMOS small