International Project Office Network

Our IPO Network

The co-hosted Lead Institutions from Australia and China and the associated IPO network are responsible for assisting the Executive Committee (ExCom) in all aspects of its work and liaising with key stakeholders at regional, national and local levels.

The office collates and communicates information related to national and international FEC research, as well as serving as a channel of communication on coastal aspects of global environmental change.

Executive Director – Communication & Engagement (Dr. Xiaoyu Fang)

Executive Director – Capacity & Networks (Prof. Anja Scheffers)

The IPO network operates a distributed structure to ensure broader geographical representation and global diversity in the running of Future Earth Coasts. The Lead IPOs are located at East China Normal University (SKLEC, ECNU), Chinese Academy of Sciences (YIC-CAS) and Southern Cross University, Faculty of Science and Engineering (SCU) with additional hubs located in Argentina, Ghana and the USA. We also have Regional Engagement Partners (REP) located in the United States (Louisiana); Latin and South America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago), Canada (Newfoundland and covering the Arctic region), Europe (Algarve, Portugal), East Asia (Nanjing, China), and South East Asia (Taiwan, China).

C0-Hosted Lead IPO’s

Host Institutions