A global research network of Future Earth to support healthy coasts and oceans for a just and environmentally sustainable future.
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Transitioning towards a respectful custodianship of our coasts and oceans

Future Earth Coasts is a Global Research Network of Future Earth, a platform for translating sustainability knowledge into action that includes a number of United Nations agencies, intergovernmental bodies and organisations such as the International Council for Science.

Oceans and coasts are changing. We’re listening to those changes. Complex challenges take a diverse community to hear, understand and act.

Future Earth Coasts acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Owners and the Elders past, present, and emerging throughout the world’s coastal zones and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. They hold the memories, traditions, cultures, and hopes of Indigenous People around the world.

Our Work

Future Earth Coasts is a global sustainability, research and innovation network that promotes knowledge sharing and action towards implementing our vision for healthy oceans and coasts for a just and environmentally sustainable future. It enables coastal researchers, governments, industry and NGOs to collaborate with each other and with international networks.

Our focus on systems-based approaches seeks to deepen our understanding of complex Earth systems and human dynamics across different disciplines. We use this understanding to underpin evidence-based policies and strategies for sustainable development.

Our Global Research Network

The day-to-day operations of Future Earth Coasts are carried out by the network of International Project Offices. These hubs are located in Ghana, Argentina, Australia, China, and the USA. We collaborate with Regional Engagement Partners in the Arctic, Caribbean, East Asia, South East Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

Our FEC Academy and FEC Fellows represent a diverse cross-section of leading marine and coastal experts, spanning government representatives, natural resource managers, community organisations, First Nations peoples, industry members, researchers and consultants.


The International Project Office Network serves as the secretariat for Future Earth Coasts and administers the research network on a day-to-day basis.

FEC Academy

We build on integrated, innovative and impactful expertise that contributes toward respectful sciences from eminent coastal researchers and practitioners.

FEC Fellows

FEC Fellows are outstanding early to mid-career researchers dedicated to ensure healthy coasts and oceans for a just and environmentally sustainable future.


Regional Engagement Partners act as local offices alongside the IPO Network to coordinate and promote coastal global change research.


Future Earth Coasts initiatives take on high-impact coastal sustainability research topics and bring sound science to global policy, business and public discourse.

  • Circles of Coastal Sustainability
  • Lagoons4Life
  • Mega Deltas
  • ProPlayas
  • Supported Projects & Networks


Future Earth Coasts and its partners have produced a wide range of publications in research and engagement, including a monthly newsletter, strategic reports, conference reports, synthesis documents and more.

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