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Join us in shaping the future of our coasts by sharing your thoughts through the Tour des Coasts survey:


Future Earth Coasts (FEC) and University of South Carolina researchers are launching a survey to engage the FEC network and beyond in creating a comprehensive understanding of coastal sustainability issues on a global scale.

It has long been the goal to begin a meaningful knowledge exchange among the global network of FEC’s affiliated researchers and practitioners, as well as communities engaged with them.

These partners have unique understandings of coastal sustainability issues reflective of a variety of coastal system types, geographies, and socio-economic realities. Yet, this wealth of knowledge remains underutilized, presenting an opportunity for us to amplify our impact.

We designed a brief survey based on the research questions identified by Friedman et al. (2020) and Sandifer and Scott (2021) and feedback from FEC’s Executive Committee. The survey will engage our colleagues within the FEC network as well as broader coastal communities.

In addition to the survey there will be a series of interactions with the goal of creating a forum for knowledge exchange about priority coastal sustainability concerns and foster a comprehensive understanding of coastal sustainability challenges and opportunities from a global perspective.

Following the analysis, stay tuned for more engagements, such as virtual meetings, to reflect on survey results and create a product that reflects a synthesis of findings.


Join now to amplify our impact on coastal sustainability!


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Sandifer, P. A., & Scott, G. I. (2021). Coastlines, coastal cities, and climate change: a perspective on urgent research needs in the United States. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 631986.

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