Regional Engagement Partners

Our Regional Engagement partners act as ‘local’ offices along side the central IPO (located in Germany) to coordinate and promote coastal global change research at the regional and local level as well as to facilitate links and exchanges between international, national and local science policy. We have REP’s located in the United States (Louisiana); South America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago), Canada (Newfoundland and covering the Arctic region), Europe (Algave, Portugal), West Africa (Lagos, Nigeria), East Asia (Yantai, China), South East Asia (Taiwan). These globally distributed Regional Engagement Partners help ensure broader geographical representation and global diversity in the running of Future Earth Coasts.


Who’s who in REPs

Michelle Slaney

Michelle Slaney

Arctic Regional Engagement Partner

Michelle is leading the Circum-Arctic REP Office at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Her experience covers 3 continents (America, Europe and Asia) with a focus on international climate change policy and practice and strategies for sustainable, climate compatible development. With a PhD in Ecology, Michelle was a Danish Government advisor, specialising in adaptation and forest-related mitigation. She has worked for a wide range of international organisations spanning the non-profit and public sectors, intergovernmental processes, and academia.


Carlos Eduardo de Rezende

South America Regional Engagement Partner

Carlos leads the South America REP and is professor and head of the Environmental Sciences Laboratory at the Biosciences and Biotechnology Center of the North Fluminense State University (UENF). His professional expertise includes studies on the dynamics of organic matter, using molecular and isotopic markers, and trace elements in continental aquatic environments (e.g. rivers, lakes), terrestrial and coastal ecosystems (e.g. estuaries, mangroves and lagoons) and ocean.

pedlowski _small

Marcos Antonio Pedlowski

South America Regional Engagement Partner

Marcos is Vice-coordinator of the South America REP and is an Associate Professor at Studies on Anthropogenic Space Laboratory at the North Fluminense State University (UENF). His expertise includes studies on the impacts of land use on the land cover in the Brazilian amazon, the impacts of the creation of agrarian reform settlements on the productive dynamics, on the social and environmental impacts associated to large port projects.

Chris D'Elia_small

Chris D’Elia

North America Regional Engagement Partner

Chris leads the North America REP and is Professor and Dean of the College of the Coast and Environment at Louisiana State University. His expertise covers the nutrient dynamics of estuaries and coral reefs, science policy and energy & environment. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and has served on numerous advisory panels to the National Science Foundation and other federal, state and private funding agencies.

Alice Newton

Alice Newton

Europe Regional Engagement Partner

Alice leads the Europe REP based at the University of the Algarve, Portugal. Her expertise centres on the management of coastal socio-ecological systems and focusses on sustainable management of coastal systems and the management of vulnerability in the context of global change. She has served on numerous national and international committees, including as Chair of LOICZ, and has forged strong links with a range of industry and stakeholder organizations, ranging from the aquaculture sector to maritime transport.

Yongming Luo

Yongming Luo

East Asia Regional Engagement Partner

Yongming leads the East Asia REP and is the executive deputy director of the Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (YIC-CAS). His research interests focus on coastal pollution and remediation and coastal biogeochemistry and environmental management, including “blue carbon”, nutrients and coastal soil/sediments. He also serves among others as a China Committee member of North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), the vice chairman and secretariat of the China Future Ocean Alliance.

Other Regional Engagement Partners are co-ordinated by members of the SSC:

Caribbean REP:          Michelle Mycoo
South East Asia REP: Jiun-Chuan Lin
West Africa REP: