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2023 ECNU International Forum for Young Scientists (Scholars) Marine Sciences Subforum


In order to further promote academic exchanges and close cooperation among outstanding young scholars both at home and abroad, ECNU cordially invites young scholars to meet online to exchange academic findings and ideas, and enhance mutual understanding, while helping ECNU recruit high-level talents and develop its academic disciplines.

The forum is divided into a main forum and several sub-forums. The main forum will consist of an opening ceremony, keynote speeches and an overall introduction of ECNU, which will be conducted online. Participants have the opportunity to explore ECNU online, discuss with scholars in their own fields, and communicate with administrative offices of the university. The sub-forums will be organized by schools/departments according to different disciplines and fields.

The State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC) will host Marine Sciences subforum. A combination of online and onsite participation will be adopted. It provides a platform for young scientists in marine science to share their research achievements, explore research frontiers and hotspots, and enhance academic cooperation. SKLEC also tailores this subforum for those who are willing to join in SKLEC.

Fields and Disciplines

The State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, ECNU welcome young scientists (scholars) in one of the following fields:

– Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics

– Coastal Morpho-dynamics

– Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering

– Physical Oceanography

– Marine Geology

– Chemical oceanography and Biogeochemistry

– Biological Oceanography and Ecosystem Dynamics

– Coastal Ecosystems and Aquatic Environments

– Coastal Observation System and Numerical modelling

– Computer Science

– Data Management and Data Mining

– Artificial Intelligence

– Digital Twin System on Estuaries and Coasts

Forum Agenda

Schedule: The forum will be held on March 2nd 2023, and Marine Sciences Subforum will be held on March 31st 2023. Please pay attention to http://www.jobs.ecnu.edu.cn and http://www.sklec.ecnu.edu.cn

or follow the official WeChat account “ECNUHR” and “河口海岸学国家重点实验室” for details. The detailed agenda of the forum shall be released soon.

Positions Available

Ⅰ. High-level Young Talents

1. Zijiang Outstanding Young Scholar (Young Leading Talent)

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

① Holding a doctorate degree, the applicant should have obtained a formal teaching or research position in an overseas university, research institution, or corporate research and development institution, and have more than 3 years of continuous work experience; for those who have obtained a doctorate degree overseas and have particularly outstanding performance, the limitation of work experience may be flexible;

② The applicant should be capable of teaching core undergraduate courses; have outstanding academic achievements, with strong team leadership, coordination skills, and great potential for innovation and further development; have the ability to promote or lead the relevant discipline towards a world-class level.

③ Age limit of up to 40.

2.  Zijiang Young Scholar (Top Young Talent)

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

① Holding a doctorate degree, the applicant should have postdoctoral research experience of one year or more; for those who have obtained a doctorate degree overseas and have particularly outstanding performance, the work experience limit may be flexible;

② The applicant shall have obtained the achievement of scientific research or technology and other achievements widely recognized in their field, and have great potential of becoming an academic leader or outstanding talent in the field;

③ Age limit of up to 35 years old.

II. Outstanding Reserve Talents

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

① Hold a doctorate degree.

② Have a solid foundation of scientific research including academic achievements, great potential and innovative thinking.

③ Age limit of up to 35 years old.

Compensation and Benefits

♦ Salary: competitive salary and housing allowance with reference to corresponding positions in world-class universities.

♦ Support for innovative research facilities and research teams: priority will be given to building up research teams with world-class scholars, faculty teams and staff.

♦ Graduate student supervision: strong support for doctoral and master’s student recruitment.

♦ Housing: providing comfortable housing near the campus during the transition period with well-equipped facilities for direct turnkey move-in.

♦ Office: providing good research and working environment.

♦ Medical insurence: access to the best medical resources in Shanghai.

♦Other benefits: assistance in looking for a job for your spouse, apply for household registration in Shanghai, and applying for permanent residence permit for foreigners, etc.

♦ Children’s education: helping with children’s schooling and access to Shanghai’s top education resources from kindergarten to high school.

ECNU supports the application of various national and Shanghai municipal talent programs for those who meet the qualifications. For those who succeed in their application, the housing subsidies and research funds will be significantly increased.

Registration Information

From now on, those who are interested in the forum can apply online by scanning the following QR code:

About ECNU and SKLEC

On October 16, 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) was founded based on the Great China University (1924) and Kwang Hua University (1925), while incorporating some other departments from St. John’s University, etc. Funded by the state, administered by the Ministry of Education, and jointly supervised by the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal Government, ECNU isa comprehensive research university in China sponsored by the national top university programs “Project 211” and “Project 985”. In 2017, ECNU was one of the 36 Class A universities on the list of Double First-Class University Plan released by the central government of China, embarking on a new journey towards a world-class university with its roots in China. With two beautiful campuses located in Minhang and Putuo districts of Shanghai, ECNU has long been known as one of the most beautiful campuses in China.

The State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC) originated from the Estuarine and Coastal Research Institute, which was founded in 1957 and the first institute of estuaries and coasts research in China. The laboratory is mainly engaged in the both foundamental and applied research of estuarine and coastal areas, with the following research directions: Estuarine and coastal morphodynamics and land resource safety, Estuarine and coastal multi-interface ecological processes and its environmental impact, Estuarine and coastal hazard and resilience, and Human-earth coupling system and its sustainable development. In its 60 years of development, estuarine and coastal scientists have persistently carried out frontier research, focusing on practical problems in resource development and ecological protection in estuarine and coastal areas, and made a series of major innovative contributions to the sustainable social and economic development of coastal areas. While serving for the national developments, SKLEC has effectively developed science of the earth system, and promoted international academic influence in the field of estuarine and coastal research.


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The State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research website:


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