Climate change and the Coast

Climate change and the Coast


Climate change and the coastClimate change and the Coast

Authored by Bruce Glavovic, Mick Kelly, Robert Kay and Ailbhe Travers, Coastal communities are at the frontline of a changing climate. Escalating problems created by sea-level rise, a greater number of severe coastal storms, and other repercussions of climate change will exacerbate already pervasive impacts resulting from rapid coastal population growth and intensification of development.

To prosper in the coming decades, coastal communities need to build their adaptive capacity and resilience. Telling the stories of real-world communities in a wide range of coastal settings, including America’s Gulf of Mexico coast, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, The Maldives, southern Africa, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, the case studies in Climate Change and the Coast: Building Resilient
Communities reveal a rich diversity of adaptation approaches.

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