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Extracting lessons learned for future marine assessments and identifying key principles
(Fawkes et al. 2021)

Lessons and key principles on emerging global marine assessment

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A new publication is out now, and the first coming from FEC to be published in Anthropocene Coasts! Lead by FEC Fellow Kyle Fawkes, this paper looks at a number of global environmental assessments to distil lessons learned for potential future marine assessment endeavours, identifying three key principles that contribute to generating actionable influence – knowledge co-production, taking a multilevel approach, and futures thinking. Find the article here.

Fawkes, K., Ferse, S., Scheffers, A. and Cummins, V., 2021. Learning from experience: what the emerging global marine assessment community can learn from the social processes of other global environmental assessments. Anthropocene Coasts, 4(1), pp.87-114.

Anthropocene Coasts is an academic journal concerned with multidisciplinary studies on the regime shift in response to concentrated human activities in the world estuarine and coastal regions, with the background of climate change.