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FEC Dialogue: Meet the Fellows


Future Earth Coasts (FEC) takes pride in its vibrant community of FEC Fellows, a dynamic network of early to mid-career researchers committed to ensuring healthy coasts and oceans for a just and environmentally sustainable future. The FEC Fellows Program provides a platform for collaboration, idea exchange, and research pursuits among scientists, practitioners, and stakeholders engaged in relevant FEC activities. To foster a deeper connection within our community and showcase the diverse talents and experiences of our Fellows, we are thrilled to launch an interview series titled “FEC Dialogue: Meet the Fellows.”

The primary aim of “FEC Dialogue: Meet the Fellows” is to amplify the voices of our outstanding early to mid-career researchers, offering them an opportunity to share their research interests, experiences, and insights. Through these interviews, we seek to inspire and engage the broader scientific and stakeholder community while providing valuable perspectives on the challenges and triumphs of being an early to mid-career researcher.

“FEC Dialogue: Meet the Fellows” is not just an interview series; it is a celebration of the passion, dedication, and diverse perspectives that define our FEC Fellows. Through these dialogues, we hope to illuminate the exciting journey of early to mid-career researchers and contribute to the collective wisdom that drives our commitment to a sustainable future.

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