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Future Earth Coasts and Commission on Coastal Systems Unite for Sustainable Coastal Futures

Future Earth Coasts is delighted to announce the partnership establishment with the Commission on Coastal Systems-International Geographical Union (CCS-IGU), a leading organization encouraging the study and exchange of information on coastal systems worldwide. This collaboration marks a significant step towards addressing the pressing challenges faced by coastal areas in the context of global change. Future Earth Coasts and the Commission on Coastal Systems believe that addressing complex coastal challenges requires a diverse and engaged community. The partnership aims to create a platform for coastal researchers, experts, and practitioners to come together, share their insights, and collectively work towards safeguarding coastal environments for future generations.

With this partnership between Future Earth Coasts and the Commission on Coastal Systems, we look forward to a future where coastal systems are thriving, resilient, and capable of sustaining both human societies and natural ecosystems. Together, we will listen, understand, and act to safeguard our precious coastal heritage for generations to come.

About the CCS-IGU:

The Commission on Coastal Systems, sponsored by the International Geographical Union, has long been at the forefront of coastal research, supporting initiatives that explore interactive systems encompassing both human and physical aspects. Their areas of inquiry include vital issues such as sea-level rise, land use changes, estuarine resources, coastal tourism, shoreline development, coastal recreation, and coastal zone management. By emphasizing concerns related to Global Change, the Commission aims to contribute to sustainable solutions for coastal communities around the globe.

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