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FEC ‘Just Transitions’ webinar: Integrated Approaches to Coastal Management along the Gulf of Guinea

We are happy to announce that the FEC ‘Just Transitions’ webinar: Integrated Approaches to Coastal Management along the Gulf of Guinea will take place on 24 May at 9 am UTC!

Although scholarly and policy understanding of a just transition has broadened out from its initial focus on high-emitting workers and regions, empirical examples of what a just transition may mean for resource-dependent coastal regions at lower latitudes are still limited. The aim of this session is thus to explore what a just transition may involve for one such lower-latitude region: the Gulf of Guinea. The contributions to this special focus session in FEC’s Just Transitions series, run in conjunction with the FEC Ghana IPO, will thus provide empirical illustration into different aspects of a just transition for resource-dependent coastal regions.

Researchers from FEC’s Ghana IPO will provide insight into identifying and empowering vulnerable communities in coastal ecosystem restoration; ensuring sustainable livelihoods in small-scale coastal fisheries; developing new participatory governance models for coastal environmental management and decision-making; and characterising the under-representation of scientists from lower-latitude nations in global scientific research into aspects of the marine environment. Although the focus of the contributions is on the Gulf of Guinea, the session will build on the themes identified in the first FEC Just Transitions session, with the discussion drawing in implications for just transitions in other resource-dependent and/or lower-latitude coastal societies globally.

If you are interested in joining this webinar, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] for more information.

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