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Promoting Ocean Acidification Awareness and Research in Africa: a Virtual event

The OA-Africa Network and OA-ICC virtual event to promote Ocean Acidification Awareness and Research in Africa will take place on the 5th of February from 9 am to 12 pm (GMT).

This event follows the OA Day of action side event held in person in Monrovia on the 8th of January. This will be a second opportunity for OA Africa Network scientists and their collaborators to share their work with colleagues, governments, and the general public.

The talks will promote and facilitate a community of awareness around ocean acidification to communicate, develop, and support future international activities on ocean acidification, including science, capacity building, and communication. The event will feature approximately ten talks by prominent OA scientists and NGO’s. All panellists will give short presentations and talks, followed by questions from the moderator and audience.

The event concludes with a panel discussion on Future directions for OA research in Africa by the OA Africa Network Co-Chairs.

Visit this link to join the event.
Read the agenda and schedule of each address here.

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